Every member of the tight IZO family is involved in the meticulous process of crafting our mezcal. Our mezcal-making process starts in the Durango Valley, Mexico.
See for yourself how it evolves into IZO Mezcal Joven.


Our mezcal originates from the Cenizo Agave Varietal plant. Skilled Jimadores gather the agave hearts after they have ripened for eight to ten years.


After being cropped, the agave hearts are roasted beneath the earth using volcanic rocks and hand-selected oak wood form sustainable sources to give IZO Mezcal its smoky flavor.


After agave hearts have cooked they are crushed. The resulting mixture is then fermented, distilled and aged in wooden barrels.

the science behind it

Jose de Jesus, our “Maestro Mezcalero,” is the mad scientist behind-the-scenes. With a background in biochemistry, he meticulously created our mezcal with a very specific flavor profile: fruit forward with an incredibly clean, honey finish.

the bottle

The bottle's sleek design with its onyx stopper is another example of the attention to detail involved in the process of curating our IZO Mezcal.

our mission

We take pride in everything we do, from the sustainable sources we use, to the double-distillation process. And most importantly, in the people involved in making our IZO Mezcal.

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