How it all began.

THE dream

It began as a dream for Gaston Martinez, to bring to the world a wonderfully smooth Mezcal. Slowly, the dream turned into a vision as Gaston spent years searching his native Durango for just the right recipe. The next step was to find the perfect person to give the recipe life. Enter Master Mescalero, José Gonzalez. Using the knowledge and experience cultivated through three generations of Mezcalero’s, José has brought together his passion and art to create our delightful spirit.

Always fascinated with the culture of Mexico, Gaston’s friends, Linda Belzberg and her son Torrey were attracted to his story, and so it came to be that with their help, IZO was born. José now spends his time overseeing the distillery in Durango, Mexico, watching every step of the production to ensure the consistency of this subtly smoky and smooth Mezcal, can be found in each and every hand-crafted bottle.

Torrey dwells in the trenches of the company’s production and marketing operations, while Gaston is IZO’s ambassador. Who better to spread the word of our delectably delicious drink, then the man who has for years nurtured the vision of this exquisite Mezcal and now has brought it to life!

The vision

But you can’t deliver a Mezcal of this quality without a whole family to support your efforts - and you can’t achieve the richness and consistency of IZO without the right vision of the future. Each member of the IZO team is considered family, from the Jimadores who harvest the wild agave, to our burros who lug it to the trucks, which carry it to the fire pits, to our team members that cook the agave hearts in our volcanic ovens and extract the juice to fill the fermentation tanks, to the plant workers who watch over the distillation process and then fill, cork and label each bottle and finally to our extraordinary Bio-chemist, Jose’, our Master Mescalero, whose job it is to oversee each step of the process to ensure only the finest Mezcal is being produced. The importance of everyone’s job is not lost on any other person on our team. It is understood that every step of the production process is vitally important, and that each successive step must be completed with diligence, so that the final result meets our high standards of care.


Our distillery incorporates solar paneled water treatment, a nursery to grow agave seedlings, a bee colony with numerous bee hives to promote the pollination of plants and enhance the natural fermentation process and an area to properly maintain the health and welfare of our three sturdy burros, “Cenizo, Mezcal and Agave”!

Sustainability is one of our most important goals, as we recognize that it takes 8-10 years for the Cenizo agave plant to grow to maturity. Today it may seem like there is an abundance of wild agave for harvesting, but only through participating in a robust renewal program, can we be certain that there will always be enough agave for future generations.

Donkey carrying agave

THE bottle

Even our bottle has been meticulously designed to reflect the quality of our Mezcal.

Note the black smoke ombre of the glass, the real onyx cap and the letterpress label. These details all tell the story of our brand.

In the final analysis, we believe it is essential for the environment and the on-going quality of our product that we control each and every step of the production process, from ground to your glass!

IZO is a superior Mezcal which is made to be sipped, but is also delicious in cocktails.

Please enjoy!