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IZO Mezcal is crafted from wild agave grown on the high-altitude mesas of Durango, Mexico.  Inspired by ancestral methods, agave hearts are roasted beneath the earth using hand-selected, local wood and volcanic rocks to create the finest quality IZO Mezcal.

Smooth. Subtly. Smoky.

Our recipe to perfecting a smooth, subtly smoky mezcal has been passed down for generationsy

Made to Sip.

the cut

It takes eight to ten years for the agave plant to reach maturity. After this period, farmers cut the plant to extract its heart.


The heart is placed in an oven made from volcanic rocks. Oak wood from sustainable sources is used to give IZO Mezcal its smoky flavor.


To extract as much juice as possible from the agave, we use a sophisticated grinding system.

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Our mezcaleros use only perfectly ripe agave, double distilled in the Durango Valley, Mexico.  Sustainable farming ensures we deliver the highest quality mezcal.


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  • (619) 777-3374